Individual’s perform reverse cell phone lookups all the time for many different reasons lately. Nowadays we can do them ourselves, unlike the past where only private investigators could do it. Technology now allows us to go online and conduct a reverse phone lookup to find someone’s name from a cell phone number.

Can I search the white pages? The answer is no. Cell phone numbers are not listed in any telephone book. This is due to privacy laws that are in place to protect our privacy where our cellular phone numbers are concerned. The helps to keep the telemarketers from clogging up your cell phone all day with cold calls. This is also the reason why the cellular phone companies have not published a cellular telephone book. It is not legal.

If mobile numbers were public domain and were listed in telephone books, the privacy laws could not protect the individuals. In less than a blink of an eye, the telemarketers would have their hands on them and adding your number to their list.

Reverse Cell Phone Number Directories Maintained Privately. These directories which can be found online are the only method available to you to get hold of cell phone number information. There are many services available to you and all will charge you different amounts to use their service. Some websites will even charge as much as $99.00! Others will charge $49.00 and still others charge $14.95.

99 Cent Reverse Cell Phone Number Services. There are other websites still that will charge as low as 99 cents per lookup. This can sound way too good to be true after seeing how much the other services charge. How could they possibly do the same as the one that charges $99.00? It is true though. You should be able to get the same amount of information as long as you use a reliable, well established website that has a vast database. If you use one that is a small company, their database will be small as well if they do not have deals in place with the cellular phone companies. This is important to keep in mind when choosing a company.

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